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Toward a Commons Based Economy


BlankDAO is a social organization with an aim to break blockchain barriers on the road of decentralization by relying on real people instead of miners. BlankDAO is Currently an Aragon DAO

BlankDAO is an Aragon DAO whose purpose seems to be orchestrating a crowdsale (their white paper links to a google doc) so that it can build out its own infrastructure. The idea that the current Aragon DAO form is just a crude initial iteration is common to many of these projects.

The BlankDAO on Aragon mainnet is one of the most active and decentralized looking DAOs using Aragon as of June 2019. It has 25 members (addresses that hold voting tokens) and a fairly skewed distribution whereby the top 5 holders have 50% of voting power. Since it launched in February, BlankDAO has processed around 100 proposals. Most of these are transfers of tokens (usually DAI) and minting tokens for new members, but there are also more unique proposals like whether to raise the price of “Blank tokens” in the crowd sale, whether to modify the permission of a smart contract, and whether to “Remove any signs related to Israel militia group from Blankdao services” (BlankDAO founders are Iranian). The proposals as represented on the DAO interface have no descriptions or discussions, so is likely that it is supported by some off chain discussion platform.

BlankDAO highlights the pervasiveness of token sales in the Ethereum ecosystem, it lives on the Ethereum blockchain (funded by token sale), within an Aragon DAO (funded by token sale), and is using this DAO to organize its own token sale. Despite what is a reasonable degree of decentralization relative to other Aragon DAOs, most proposals are approved by just one or two of the largest voting token holders and relate to transactions that are not intelligible to outsiders.

Last updated on 11 Sep 2019
Published on 11 Sep 2019
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